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What We Do

Leadership and Management Development

An organisation will only ever become as good as the quality of their leaders and managers. They can either be a catalyst to greatness, or a roadblock. Leaders are accountable for creating the conditions to enable people to contribute to their true personal potential.

CEO Group offer a range of approaches for leadership development, to suit the needs of people at different levels of the organisation’s leadership pipeline and at different stages in their personal development:

  • Aspiring managers
  • First level managers and leaders
  • Managing managers
  • Senior executives

During the learning process we focus on the development of the individual leader or manager, encouraging them to:

  • Explore, discover, challenge, and grow themselves
  • Become the leader they seek to be
  • Identify and release their true potential
  • Seek their own personal breakthroughs
  • Understand their contribution and accountability to their organisation and people

It’s only from this that the organisation will in turn achieve its breakthroughs. Learn more

Our consultancy services include:

Organisation Performance

People want to work for an organisation which has a purpose that motivates them, that knows where it is heading, and knows what it values.   

CEO Group works with organisations to enhace their performance by working with them on:

Team Development

The single biggest impact on a team’s performance is the climate and morale generated within the team by the leadership style and behaviour of the Team Leader.

Our work with Team Leaders and their people lifts teams to high, sustainable and healthy performance levels: Learn more

  • Team building
  • Team performance
  • Executive team development
  • Overcoming team disfunctionality
  • Virtual teams

Facilitation Service

CEO Group use a positive and engaging approach to provide planning and leadership around the conversation of complicated areas: