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Vision and Strategy

…building a visionary organisation and teams

Every organisation has a vision and plans, of some kind. This, isn’t the challenge.

The challenge invariably is …how do we create a relevant and compelling vision and strategies for our organisation and teams that provides the needed clarity of focus, ownership, and desire for our people to want to be truly engaged and contribute to their potential, and to our collective success?

The world’s longest running 360° leadership practices survey by Kouses and Posner, consistently shows the competency staff want displayed from their manager first and foremost is “forward looking, future focused”

– What’s the vision?
– Where are we heading?
– How can I contribute best towards this?
– What do you want from me?
– What are the priorities?
– How will we ensure success?

Its more than just having a very clear vision and expectations.  Research by Daniel Pink shows that one of the three biggest drivers of positive work motivation is having a purpose to their work that is compelling and meaningful. They want to know that what they do is contributing to something bigger and meaningful.

Our research into staff engagement shows that people do not want to be simply told what the vision and strategies are, they want to be involved in the process of creating them – they want to feel valued for their inputs and ideas, have a true sense of ownership, in order to be genuinely committed.

The process of developing vision, strategies, KPIs, expectations etc, is as important as the end plans themselves. We can take you through the process:

From To
Strategic planning Strategic thinking
An organisation or team with a vision A visionary organisation or team
Strategic plans developed by a few key people The ‘what’ and ‘why’ of strategic plans led by key people, with many involved in the ‘how’
One overall plan for all Plans cascaded to fit for each level and team
Manager driven Leader led
Often demanding compliance Invariably seeking commitment
An annual event An ongoing process, a way of thinking and working.
Communicating the plans Involvement and engagement in developing the plans
Top down Top down and bottom up
Logical, rational, objective process Logical, rational, objective and emotional, inspirational, creative

We have over 30 year’s extensive experience in these areas to assist you with:

  • Vision Creation
    • Creating a compelling shared vision for your organisation or team that inspires genuine commitment and pride from your people to its achievement
    • The processes for developing this vision in such a manner as to ensure ownership
    • The processes for ensuring the vision is lived, rather than being a static feature or event
    • Shifting the organisation or team from an organisation with a vision to a visionary organisation
  • Strategic Management Systems Development
    • Designing with you an overall strategic management process than ensures:
      • Clarity of vision, goals, priorities, and strategies for the overall organisation (the big picture vision / direction / purpose)
      • A clear line of sight from this to all units, teams and individuals throughout the organisation
      • Ensures clarity, ownership and commitment by all teams and individuals to their contribution to the overall strategy and expected outputs
      • Processes for measuring, monitoring and evaluating progress
  • Strategic Planning Workshops
    • Designing and facilitating strategic planning workshops which deliver:
      • Clear and effective strategic plans and strategies
      • Clear and simple strategic planning and monitoring processes for future use
      • Enhanced strategic thinking
  • Facilitation of Strategic Retreats
    • Facilitating your own strategic retreats
  • Business Planning
    • Facilitation of processes to turn strategic plans into clear, focused annual business plans
  • Strategic Thinking
    • Growing the competence and confidence of people to:
      • Think strategically
      • Act strategically
      • Identify and focus on priorities
      • Understand and use appropriate strategic thinking tools
      • Act decisively when necessary, or reflect and research when desirable
      • Use effective decision making methods

Contact us for more information about how we can work with you to meet your Vision and Strategy needs.