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Relationship Selling

…attracting and securing valued clients

Have you ever found yourself asking these sort of questions:

  • As a professional, how do I secure new clients and work when I don’t really see myself as a salesperson?
  • How do we get clients to see the real value of what we have to offer is better than any other alternative?
  • How do I get to potential clients who are already working with my competitors?
  • How do we secure new clients in a manner that builds real commitment and loyalty?
  • How do we ensure an ongoing steady growth of new valued clients?
  • If prospective clients are making their purchase decisions as much about the salespeople as our services and products, how do we differentiate ourselves most effectively?
  • How do I identify the client’s real needs and the emotional drivers for their buying, and get beyond what they’re telling me on the surface?
  • How do we build relationships with clients such that they never think of going to our competitors?

If you are selling professional services, or involved with clients seeking complex solutions, or requiring a tailor-made mix of products and services, then it’s competitively imperative to ensure relationship selling and marketing is working positively for you.

CEO Group programmes:

  •  Client Prospecting and Relationship Selling Skills Programme
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Salesperson
  • Managing and Leading the Sales Team
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Business Breakthrough Programme, designed for small-medium enterprises (SME), professional services organisations, retail organisations, service providers

Contact us for more information about our Relationship Selling programmes.