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Design and Development of Learning Programmes


Our key design criteria for development programmes are:

  1. Relevant, targeted and tailored to the audience
    • We provide leadership and management development in four distinct areas:
      • executive development
      • managing managers
      • first level leaders
      • aspiring leaders (and professionals with no staff)
    • delivers on the organisations targeted leadership competencies and leadership styles, performance policies and frameworks
    • contributes to building the desired organisation culture
    • builds from the current reality of where participants are at
  2. Delivers sustainable change at the individual level, and hence into the organisation. We seek to achieve sustained change with participants in three overall areas:
    • Self-awareness
    • Personal responsibility
    • self-belief
  3. Value for Money
    CEO Group has a long proven track record of providing high value change results.
    Long running programmes with a large central government department have been evaluated by them as consistently producing in excess of a 300% return on investment, including the time cost of participant attendance, within three months of programme completion.

 Overall Approach

Our success is the culmination of 4 key elements:

    1. Our unique multi-learning system approach, utilising a blend of 13 different learning elements
    2. Our personal core philosophy and drivers around ‘breakthroughs’. For us, this is our constant guide, challenge, standard, and success measure.
    3. Our facilitation style. Over our 30 years of learning and practice we have evolved a facilitation style that creates a highly engaged and developmental response from participants.We work hard at developing high trust quickly within a group, which leads to people being more open, taking risks, greater honesty, enhanced self-awareness, and hence greater change and growth.  We like stuff that works.  We are not wedded to any one doctrine, but rather take the best of what the world offers that works, and deliver it in a meaningful and relevant manner within the cultural context of an organisation.
      We maximise experiential learning, dialogue, robust debate and practice, always culminating in time for personal reflection to extract the personal learning and convert it to personal development action points.
    4. Our research-led, evidence-based practice. Over the past 30 years we have invested heavily in cultivating a wide network of relationships with the world’s leading researcher and practitioners in leadership, management, personal development and neuroscience. Coupled with our own extensive research in New Zealand, we are confident of always being able to offer the best of what is available worldwide.

Contact us for more information about designing a programme for your specific needs.