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Team Development

…creating high performing, successful teams

Teams and effective teamwork are important for an organisation’s success. Increasingly, work is being delivered in organisations through teams:  functional teams, cross-functional teams, short-term project teams, self managing teams, management teams and virtual teams.

International research by Towers Watson, Gostick and Elton has shown that while teams of fully engaged staff have double the productivity of disengaged teams in terms of operating margin, the highest performing teams achieve three times the output.

The benefits for an organisation are huge if all teams operate at this level. Staff within these teams would not only be performing consistently at peak, they would also be enjoying the environment they are in, the work they do, and the organisation and leaders they work with.

Teams that consistently achieve the levels of synergy required to operate at peak, have members that are led to feel fully engaged, enabled and energised.

Other international research consistently shows the single biggest impact on a team’s performance, is the climate and morale generated within the team by the leadership styles and behaviours of the team leader, and the culture of belief and commitment that results. This is true of teams at all levels – from First Level Teams to Executive Leadership Teams.

Our work with teams and team leaders is aimed at lifting teams to these truly high performing levels, and to sustain this performance in a healthy manner. We work with teams at all levels, from Executive Leadership Teams to First Level Teams.

Our systems leadership development also helps leaders lead across teams and networks, to maximize the potential synergy from within a wider system and across silos.

Our services include:–

  • Team Leader development
  • Facilitating the development of team vision, values, behaviours, strategy, culture
  • Building team synergy, including utilising tools such as Myers Briggs, Herrmann Brain Dominance, Hogan Assessments
  • Building Whole Brain Thinking teams utilising Herrmann Brain Dominance tools
  • Enhancing team creativity and innovation
  • Turning around dysfunctional teams
  • Lifting teams from good to great

Contact us for more information about our Team Development programmes, or for us to design a programme for your specific needs.